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These smudge pots, which are around 48″ tall, burn all sorts of liquid fuel ranging from kerosene to diesel, or even used cooking or motor oil!  Simply fill the bottom reservoir with your choice of fuel then light the top of the fuel.  These smudge pots are designed to burn hot and radiate heat in all directions, while funneling the smoke up and away from your gathering.  Flame intensity can be controlled by adjusting the air flow with the dial on the side, and flame can be snuffed out at anytime by closing the dial and/or closing the damper door inside of the chimney.  These are made from thick 11GA steel, which will definitely outlast any thin firepit you would buy from your local hardware store.  They come in raw steel, which will rust over time if exposed to moisture.  Select from one of our premade designs, or let us know what custom theme you would like and we will design it for you!

A huge benefit of a smudge pot is that unlike a wood fire, it does not emit sparks!  This allows for far more usage than a wood fire pit in areas like Colorado, where fire bans tend to be in place most of the summer.

Reservoir holds a little over 4 gallons of fuel.  Duration of burn will vary based on fuel type selected, but typically you can expect around a gallon an hour for most preferred fuels.  This is an excellent way to get rid of that used oil from oil changes, or even from your deep fryer or other cooking oils!



Smudge pot is heavy and very stable, but there are safety hazards involved.  Ensure smudge pot is placed on a stable surface without a roof, overhang, trees, or other flammable material overhead.  Smudge pot is stable by design, but care must still be used to protect against an accidental tip-over.  Never burn highly flammable liquids like gasoline or alcohol in the smudge pot.  Do not add additional fuel to a lit or hot smudge pot!  Always allow the metal to cool down before adding more fuel.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 5 in
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Patriotic, Cowboy, Horse, Hunting, No Design, Custom


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